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Programmers differ in coding style, manner, proficiency level, etc. But if you follow certain rules, your code will be clear and readable to any programmer. Keep in mind that the code you write might...

Web Designer Checklist

15 Mar 2017 728 0
Like programming, design has two sides. To make a good PSD (Photoshop Document) you need to follow certain rules throughout the whole designing process. This article will give you some useful tips to...


06 Mar 2017 1016 0
If you were thinking about starting using HTTPS instead of HTTP, but weren’t fully aware of differences between them, then this article is for you. Here we will discuss advantages of HTTPS and...
Many of those who want to master web development and make a career in it have no idea where to start and what prospects they have. This article will give you basic understanding of web coding, design...
Imagine you are going to have an important event soon – an advertising campaign for a product and you need a poster for it. You have already ordered the poster and you like it. But still you...

How to Speed Up Website

30 Jan 2017 1007 0
Fast website load is the result of on integrated approach to the website development. As a rule, it starts from the correct settings of the server. Here are some useful tips to help you save your...
One of the most common mistakes made by novice designers is overusing of colors in designing websites, brochures, banners, etc.This has a simple solution – just choose different shades of a...

Creating Flat Web Design

24 Sep 2015 1429 0
This is video record of flat ui web design process in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Video recorder on 8x fast speed. iPro dot by website design creation process.

Logo design process

20 Sep 2015 1434 0
This is video record of logotype design process in Adobe Illustrator. Video recorder on 4X fast speed. You like this? Don't forgot subscribe us! ;) Have a nice watching!

Making shot for Dribbble

18 Sep 2015 1319 0
We record a video how to create first shot for Dribbble. Video preview speed is 8x fast. Do you have Dribbble invites to give away? :) This post present «Dribbble Om Nom Nom» design logo....
This article is about some tips on proper server settings, script installations and such, which helps avoiding cases when some important corporative letters fall into the SPAM folder.

The customer is always wrong

08 Jun 2015 2990 0
If a customer addressed us, means that in some field we know and master things much better than they do. The question is: can the customer be “always right” in such a situation?
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