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Favicon Generator
Генератор Favicon - это бесплатный онлайн сервис, который поваляет создавать иконки и значки (файл favicon.ico) для вашего сайта.
Данный инструмент позволяет создавать Favicon всех популярных размеров, таких как: 16х16, 32х32, 48х48, 64х64, 128х128.

Favicon Generator

Favicon Generator - is a free online tool to create favicons for website from any image file. Our favicon generator make favicon for most popular resolutions and sizes. You can generate follow sizes: 16х16, 32х32, 48х48, 64х64, 128х128. Choose favicon size, upload image file (JPG, GIF, PNG) and generate your favicon online.
For creating and download your .ICO file you need to:
1. Select FavIcon size you want to create
2. Select picture and upload to the server
3. Right click on the link below and select Save As.

How to add favicon on your website

1 - After favicon generation download it in your computer.
2 - Upload favicon to your website root directory, like this:
3 - Copy this HTML code and paste inside HEAD code on your website

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