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New Design and More
Yahoo! We have a new design for our website! End of news =)
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Happy New 2012 Year
We wish for those doing other businesses, to prosper, to achieve, to self-actualize, and to go up at 2012 more new levels of personal success. Our best wishes for you in 2012!
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Perfecto CMS
Dear customers and partners, we are pleased to introduce our new website management system, called Perfecto CMS.Unlike other content management systems, the one we offer is more flexible in...
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The skills’ evaluation is being conducted
Perfecto Web LLC staff members are busy with additional skills’ development in the following areas: Mobile Applications’ Design, Ajax Technology, Databases’ Optimization, Scalable...
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DIV layouts examples
A DIV layouts’ package has been added to our website. Pay attention: this will be your future website’s substructure.In this section, you are able to find either fixed or rubber layouts....
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Happy New 2011 Year
In connection with such a wonderful holiday, we could not resist and changed the design and the software portion of our site. Try to be more convenient and more accessible to you!
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